Tune Your Guitar - A Youtube video that you can use to tune your guitar by ear.

Guitar Tuna - Here is a tuner app for your phone. Guitar Tuna is a decent free tuner. IOS   Android   Microsoft

- Check out more music from me as well as more info on my music projects including live performances, photos, etc.

Melissa Kiepke Music - Melissa is a long time friend who also teaches at Hillman Guitar Instruction. She offers lessons for violin, voice, piano, and guitar. I recommend her highly.

Guitar Voice Instruction - Mike Esparza also teaches here at Hillman Guitar Instruction. He is an old friend and is a very excellent, experienced music teacher.

Cop Copine Video - Here is a video from a French fashion company using my song "Where The Road Takes A Bend."

Emerald City Guitars - My favorite guitar shop in the world. Jay Boone, his son Trevor, and their crew really know how to take care of you whether you have $100 or $100,000 to spend on a guitar. Their shop in Seattle's historic Pioneer Square focuses on vintage instruments, amps, and gear.

The Guitar Store - A great music shop in the Greenlake area. They have an impressive selection of acoustic and electric guitars, amps, and pedals. They have a great staff who are always ready to help.