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David Hillman performing on stage

Born and raised in the Northwest, David started playing the guitar in 1983 beginning his studies under guitar instructor and GIT graduate George Turner. Over the years he has studied under other great teachers including David Yard in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Eric Madis and Ted Belusci in the Seattle area.

He has been playing guitar and singing professionally since 1987 and has formed or played in countless bands and recording projects including The Low Wires, The David Hillman Band, Scootie Brown, The Thumbmasters, Superball, The Slow Boys, Cassandra Speaks, Pete Bush and the Hoi Polloi, and Twelve Times A Year. David’s music has been used on the Travel Channel’s TV series “The Layover with Anthony Bourdain” and in videos for the French fashion company Cop-Copine. Many years of writing songs, rehearsal, live performance, touring, studio recording, and sound engineering come in handy on a daily basis and help to enhance each lesson.

David has been a guitar instructor since 1989 and has been teaching in the Dexter/Westlake neighborhood just north of Downtown Seattle for over 20 years. Regarded as one of the top guitar instructors in Seattle, his friendly, low-stress attitude presented in a fun and encouraging atmosphere have helped over a thousand students to learn how to play the guitar, and have earned him the respect and admiration of students, parents, and professional musicians alike.

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