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Learning Through Virtual Lessons

I will be the first to admit, that before the pandemic hit, I never had any intention of giving online guitar lessons over platforms such as Zoom or Skype. I (incorrectly) believed that it presented too many challenges and that in the end, it would impede learning. I have, however, always believed that it is important to admit when you are wrong. I also believe that you can’t be a very good teacher if you aren’t willing to keep learning yourself. This is especially true when learning things from your students.

As all of us have had to adapt and change the ways in which we do things every day, I have found this about being an online guitar teacher: Teaching guitar online is just as effective as in-person lessons. The process of overcoming the challenges associated with online learning has led me to discover new teaching techniques. In addition, it has also offered new insights into how people learn. I certainly feel that the pros far outweigh the cons, specifically the elimination of travel time for students. The extra time gained by not having to travel to the lesson each week, find a parking space, wait for a ride or bus obviously means extra time for practice or anything else that a student wants or needs to do.

Taking a lesson in the comfort of your own house (in your PJs if you want!) also reduces stress for many people. While I certainly miss giving in-person lessons and seeing my students in my studio each week, the smiles and the laughter, the fun and the joy of making music together are still present and every bit as real. My over 33 years of guitar teaching experience and my over 40 years of experience as an audio engineer have made the online lesson experience every bit as rich and fulfilling as in-person lessons.

I have always offered an easy, affordable way for you to try 3 lessons. This gives you the chance to see if guitar lessons are for you. Send me a message through the contact page and we can find you an open time slot and get started.

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Going to David has been the best experience. He is able to teach guitar in such a way that someone with little musical knowledge, such as myself, can easily and quickly begin playing. I enjoy going to see David every week and learning something new. At each lesson I can tell that my skills progress and David leaves me with a plan for practice for the week, which makes my playing time much more productive. I highly recommend getting lessons from David if you’d like to see instant improvement in your playing abilities.


I have such a good time at my lesson. David is funny and easy to be around. Very patient and obviously enjoys teaching people what he knows, which is a lot. It is easy to feel silly when you are learning how to play and making mistakes but David is very encouraging and supportive. Even when he knows you haven’t practiced 😉

Greta B.

David’s great! He has a way of quickly finding your level and figuring out what you know (or don’t know), and helping you break through your boundaries. He’s also the teacher that will help you explore where you want to go with your ideas, and help you polish them. I’ve been playing off and on for about 18 years, and after a month or two of lessons he’s already kicked me up a few notches. His presence is relaxed and feels great to just sit and learn the guitar. I wish I had been taking lessons from this guy when I first started playing.


I had been wanting to learn how to play the guitar for years and for my B-day my girlfriend bought me some lessons. She couldn’t have picked a better place to buy the lessons from. David makes you feel comfortable and really understands the way that people learn and how to teach in the most effective way. The guitar is a tough instrument to learn and you want to learn from someone knowledgeable and patient and that’s exactly what David is.

Adam Z.

I started taking guitar lessons with David for 8 months and I am amazed at how much I have learned. What I love about the lessons is that I am pretty much in charge of what I want to learn. David can teach anything! And I mean anything. I pick the songs that I want to learn, and usually learn them in a week. (If I practice enough) After 8 months of lessons I can play some songs right off the bat. Guitar has become a huge part of my life, thanks David!!!!

Becca P.