CELLADORE – Track 2 off of my solo record “Americana Hour”
WEEDS AND DAFFODILS – Kaia Chessen and I wrote this together back when we were in Cassandra Speaks.
LES FEUILLES MORTES – My version of the jazz classic Autumn Leaves from The Slow Boys record “Quick ‘an Dirty”
LAKE MATILDA – A country tune off of my solo record “Americana Hour”
THINK ABOUT ME – A bluesy number off the Slow Boys record.
I’VE SAID IT BEFORE – A solo acoustic number of off “Americana Hour”
I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU THERE – A slide guitar tune from “Americana Hour”
DARLENE – Some Delta Blues
GUITAR SOLO MEDLEY #1 – A few snippets of guitar solos from some tunes. All of these are improvised, more or less.
GUITAR SOLO MEDLEY #2 – More Improvised solos: Jamming in the basement making these up as we go along.
GUITAR SOLO MEDLEY #3 – More improvisation, a little weird, but an example of the places you can learn to travel to.