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Move Beyond What You Already Know

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Intermediate Students:

You have come to the right place

One of my favorite things to do is help those players who have been playing for a while, but have found themselves in a rut or at a dead end. I can quickly assess where you are, help you dispense with any bad habits you may have picked up along the way, and get you pointed in the right direction and on the way to achieving the goals you have always aspired to.

While there are no shortcuts to guitar proficiency (and really anything in life), having the proper insights into WHY it is difficult and WHY it is frustrating can drastically shorten the time it takes to be able to play the guitar in the fashion that you want.

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Intermediate Guitar Lessons

What You Will Learn


Find Out How To Make It Easier

First off, the way your brain wants to move your hands on a day to day basis, while perfectly suited for everyday life, is actually opposite of how we need to move in order to properly play the guitar. Knowing and understanding this is the first step to improving the guitar skills that you have already developed.

Proper Exercises and Drills

You can probably play a bunch of songs, but maybe certain techniques seem beyond you. With a little hard work, and the right exercises, things like barre chords, complicated strum patterns, and basic soloing become very doable.

Improvisation, Songwriting, and Singing While Playing

These areas may seem like advanced guitar subjects, but there's no better time than the present to get started on the basics. With a quality curriculum, consistent practice, and some hard work, you'll be able to grow in these areas sooner than you might think.

My Approach & More Lesson Information

I’ve taken hundreds and hundreds of guitar and vocal lessons in my life, and with over 35 years of guitar teaching experience, I have a firm grasp on what it means to both student and teacher.

Playing music both by yourself and with others is one of the most joyous and satisfying endeavors one can embark on. Music should be fun, and I embrace this ideal.

I always want students to have a good time at their lesson, even when they haven’t practiced. There is always something fun that we can work on. Over my many years of study with different instructors, I did not appreciate it when a teacher would yell or scold because I was not practicing enough, or was too slow to comprehend certain concepts or ideas.

I have always provided a calm, fun, nurturing, and relaxed atmosphere for my students to learn in. My job is to teach you what you want to learn, and to make sure that you have a good time doing it.

So, wherever you’re located, I think that you’ll find my online lessons enjoyable, entertaining, informative, and tailored to your needs.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out my reviews, not only on this site, but on Google and Yelp as well.

What To Expect With Online Lessons

I have found online guitar lessons through Zoom are just as effective as in-person lessons. The process of overcoming the challenges associated with online learning has led me to discover new teaching techniques and new insights into how people learn. In addition, the extra time gained by not having to travel to the lesson each week, find a parking space, wait for a ride or bus obviously means extra time for practice or anything else that a student wants or needs to do.

Taking a lesson in the comfort of your own home (in your PJs if you want!) also reduces stress for many people. I’ve even given lessons to students while they are on vacation. I now have students all over the US and the world. Currently I give online lessons to students in New York, California, Texas, Kansas, Canada, Australia, Europe, and India.

My over 35 years of guitar teaching experience and my over 40 years of experience as an audio engineer have made the online lesson experience every bit as rich and fulfilling as in-person lessons. During online lessons, the smiles, the laughter, the fun, and the joy of making music together are present and every bit as real.

I have always offered an easy, affordable way for you to try 3 lessons. This gives you the chance to see if Zoom guitar lessons are for you. Send me a message through the contact page and we can find you an open time slot and get started.

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